Japan's All Nippon Airways promotes regional food

ANI | Updated: Dec 20, 2017 17:57 IST

Tokyo [Japan], Dec 20 (ANI): Japanese airline company - All Nippon Airways (ANA) on Wednesday decided to launch a new project "Tastes of JAPAN by ANA - Explore the regions" after the success of its first chapter.

In September 2013, ANA unveiled "Tastes of JAPAN", which introduced Japanese prefecture's food - drinks, sweets and culture, in its airport lounges and in-flight meals.

Tastes of JAPAN was launched with the goal of introducing all of Japan's 47 prefectures over a period of around four years and during November this year that goal was achieved.

As a result, the second step has been taken to disseminate regional information even more deeply.

The first project to be introduced under the new chapter is Hokkaido.

ANA will disseminate information about Hokkaido by working together with the local administration and different regional cooperatives.

In an official statement, Takashi Shiki, an official of ANA, said, "We are starting the second step project in our quest to introduce the charms of Japan. Until now, we have introduced the charms of local areas domestically and worldwide, but in this new series we want to take into consideration the foreigners point of view, the way they see Japan, and their hope to experience it."

"If you ask the Asian people about their image of Hokkaido, they would answer that it's a cold place with heavy snowfall. And that is something you cannot find in southeast Asia. Another charm of Hokkaido is the delicious food and great nature," he claimed.

Hokkaido is the largest island in the northern part of Japan and this is the 150th year since the name "Hokkaido" has been given to the island.

The island is surrounded by three seas -- the Pacific Ocean, the Sea of Japan and the Sea of Okhotsk, that's why Hokkaido enjoys various special products throughout the year such as marine products harvested at the rich fishing waters. Many agricultural crops are also harvested in Hokkaido because of its vast land.

Explaining the importance of Hokkaido, another official, Hideo Miyake said that it is one of the locations of the so-called "Golden Route" in Japan which includes many of the famous tourist attractions.

Hokkaido's features will be introduced for six months through the project "Tastes of JAPAN by ANA - Explore the regions". (ANI)