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Japan's 'Famtech' technology focussing on female employee's health
Japan's 'Famtech' technology focussing on female employee's health

Japan's 'Famtech' technology focussing on female employees health

ANI | Updated: Jun 17, 2022 18:36 IST

Tokyo [Japan], June 17 (ANI): Companies in Japan are introducing "Famtech" or "Female technology under which, attention is being paid to the health of female employees and not just to the superficial beauty.
This initiative is undertaken by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry in Japan.
Miyuki Oida, Organiser, Beauty world Japan said, "This is a business negotiation platform for the entire beauty industry, mainly in the beauty salon industry such as hair, eyelashes, and nails. The area of beauty equipment has expanded considerably, and new beauty equipment is increasing."

"The area of "Body Plus Cleanliness," exhibits the collection of products for beauty and health. It has expanded considerably, and I think the product of supplements, the keywords for women's health and beauty, "Femtech," and "Femcare," are increasing. "Femtech" refers to women delaying the cycle of ageing to keep them healthy and beautiful for a long time, and healthy foods and care products," Oida added.
Oida continued by saying, "Before the corona pandemic, I felt that the brand "Made in Japan" had a very high level of trust. The attention from overseas is so high. Unfortunately, visitors are not allowed to come from overseas this year, but I believe that the brand "Made in Japan" still exists. It is a meeting place for manufacturers and trading companies of beauty-related products, salons that deal with them, and retailers. There are so many visitors this year that I hope it will lead to the expansion and revitalization of the beauty business after the Corona Pandemic."
"The restrictions caused by the Coronavirus pandemic have brought new changes to the beauty industry. People wear masks to cover their mouth. These new changes prompted the beauty industry to come up with alternate methods to enhance facial appearance," the organiser added.
On the changing trends in fashion, Reiko Fukumori from an Eyebrow making school said, "During the corona pandemic, especially wearing a mask, many people are conscious of their eyes, such as the demand for beautiful eyes in an online meeting. One is that it gives you a sense of cleanliness. The most important thing is to change the impression of the face by changing the design of the eyebrows, such as a gentle face or a firm face."
With "Famtech" technology, the beauty industry in Japan will once again attract the attention of the world with beauty appliances. (ANI)