Takii Seed produce high yielding variety of seeds and seedlings.
Takii Seed produce high yielding variety of seeds and seedlings.

Japan's Takii produces high yielding variety of seeds and seedlings

ANI | Updated: May 28, 2021 13:45 IST

Kyoto [Japan], May 28 (ANI): Regular supply of high-quality seeds is necessary for healthy vegetation and high yields.
One such seed company which produces a high yielding variety of seeds is "Takii Seed" situated in Kyoto, Japan.
Products of Takii Seed are famous in Japan and other countries of the world.
The seeds and seedlings developed by Takii Seed are of high-quality developed through research for providing supplies.
These seeds are sent to quality control centres in different regions around the world to inspect their growth and their respective breeding environments.

In recent years, rapid inspection has become possible by using AI technology.
"We inspect all seed to make sure that they have normal growth, high purity characterized by the variety and no disease. Those three items get inspected in the quality control center before the seeds can be shipped,"said Satoshi Shimakoshi.
Takii Seed nurtures the seed from its germination to seedling stage, which are inspected for higher quality standards, added Satoshi.
Founded in the year 1835, the company started selling seeds through delivery and has expanded business in Japan and other countries thus contributing to the agriculture sector around the world.
"We have been providing excellent seeds developed in Japan for many years to countries around the world. For example, Vietnam has rainy season for half a year, but we have introduced seeds for varieties that can grow normally in the rain and overcome the disease even if they get sick. Farmers who worked in cultivation jobs for only six months can now work all year round. In this way we support farmers. We have the slogan 'Global and local'. So even if it's global business for us, we're always dedicated to help the local needs," said Yusaku Ikeda.
Takii Seed has developed around 2,000 varieties of vegetable and flower seeds of vegetable and flower, informed Yusaku. (ANI)