JCB holds international convention to promote cashless transactions

ANI | Updated: Nov 20, 2017 15:33 IST

Taipei [Taiwan], November 20 (ANI): JCB, the only international credit card brand from Japan, hosted the international convention in Taiwan recently.

Coupled with the latest developments in the world's settlement markets and the confirmation of JCB's brand strategy, this is the 15th time for about 27 countries and regions to participate with about 200 partner corporations of JCB.

New products, including debit, prepaid payments and mobile payments, have become more common in Japan, enabling this cashless market to continue to grow steadily.

Throughout the world, the popularity of smartphones and innovation in information and communication technologies has caused the settlement market to undergo major changes and progress towards a cashless society.

Ichiro Hamakawa, President & CEO of JCB Co., Ltd. said, "JCB cards are issued in 23 countries and territories. The number of JCB cards worldwide grew 18 percent over the last two years to more than 100 million. We've seen strong growth especially in China, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam besides Japan. The number of merchants grew 16 percent to 33 million worldwide".

At the convention site, visitors stopped at partner corporation's booths to view and experience seasonal services and the latest technology exhibited at the booths.

For tourists visiting Japan, an online purchasing service enables anyone to purchase popular Japanese fruit from about 770 tourist or sightseeing farms in Japan.

Using biometrics authentication, customers can buy expensive products easily and it enables secure QR settlements without compromising usability.

The payment card includes both contact and non-contact biometric information of an individual, making card settlements more convenient and secure.

This growth drove sales volume up to 26.6 trillion yen in 2016, with 22% growth outside Japan. (ANI)