JCB Plaza
JCB Plaza

JCB improves its service for foreign visitors

ANI | Updated: May 02, 2018 15:13 IST

Kyoto [Japan] May 02 (ANI): The former capital of Japan, Kyoto is famous worldwide for its ancient cityscape and unique scenery.

This city attracts millions of tourists from abroad annually.

This time, Japan's only international credit payment brand, JCB has special promotions that are limited to foreign guests who have a membership.

These services include introducing various sightseeing spots in Kyoto to enrich the member's experience during their stay.

JCB Plaza Kyoto located inside JR Kyoto station building offers various services for its international members.

"JCB Plaza has services only available for its members. We have operators who are very knowledgeable about local area so they provide tourist information and help to find reservations for restaurants, hotels, and tour packages. JCB Plaza branches are placed in main tourist cities. But only in Kyoto and Tokyo do we have JCB plazas dedicated only to international members of JCB," said Kyoko Hirai of JCB Plaza Kyoto.

For JCB international members, JCB Plaza Kyoto offers various services which make travelling around Kyoto more reasonable and satisfactory.

Kyoto Tower, a rare modern and iconic landmark, is the tallest structure in Kyoto city. This remarkable spot is one of the most worthy places to visit for members of JCB.

Kansai tourist information center inside Kyoto Tower is giving a lot of information about tourism and helping tourists not only to find different attractions but also manage luggage services.

It also has a discount promotion for popular tourist rail passes for Kansai area that JCB foreign members can get benefit from.

The reason why many people look forward to visiting Kyoto Tower is going up to the observation deck.

JCB members get 30 percent discount on admission fees which make access to the observation deck very reasonable. It is located 100meters above ground with a viewing platform providing a 360degree view of Kyoto. Here people can really enjoy many kinds of scenes of Kyoto city.

JCB Plaza Kyoto is not only introducing sightseeing spots but also providing comfortable environments inside its space.

This place is also used as the lounge exclusively for international members of JCB and also provides PC's, printers, tour guide books, and luggage services, etc.

"At JCB Plaza Kyoto, our multilingual staff can take care of reservations for restaurants and hotels on behalf of our customers. We are very conveniently located in the JR Kyoto station building where you can rest or go out sightseeing while keeping your belongings at the Plaza," Hirai added.

The special efforts of Japan for hospitality and treatment for international visitors continue to attract tourists and contribute to cultural exchange worldwide. (ANI)