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“JFE Engineering has a wealth of experience in the past.
“JFE Engineering has a wealth of experience in the past.

JFE Engineering launches safe and clean energy facility in Japan

ANI | Updated: May 06, 2019 20:20 IST

Tokyo [Japan], May 6 (ANI): JFE Engineering has launched a safe and clean energy facility at Kumamoto Prefecture located on Kyushu island.
The project was flagged off by Smart Energy Kumamoto, a new company established by JFE Engineering.
The company plans to expand its power supply and energy management in Kumamoto city as its main business.
"JFE Engineering has been very pleased with the town-planning and disaster recovery plan with low-carbon emissions of Kumamoto city," said Hajime Oshita, president of JFE Engineering Corporation.
"We are honoured to start regional energy project jointly with Kumamoto city and be able to expert our business of strength such as environment, energy, disaster prevention, and disaster mitigation measure of our company for Kumamoto city."
JFE Engineering conducts a large number of public-private partnerships, including the long-term operations of Kumamoto Seibu Environmental plant and the local consumption of electricity in cooperation with municipalities.
"JFE Engineering has a wealth of experience in the past. In addition, only a handful of companies use high know-how and technology in the field of energy production," said Ichiro Masuda from the environmental bureau of Kumamoto City.
"We, Kumamoto city, have weakness in terms of these fields. Partnership with JFE engineering, with reliable skills in this energy production, is very powerful for us," added Ichiro. (ANI)