People enjoying at Kamakura Beach in Japan
People enjoying at Kamakura Beach in Japan

Kamakura in Japan is bucket list item for beach lovers

ANI | Updated: Mar 20, 2020 23:28 IST

Kamakura [Japan], Mar 20 (ANI): Kamakura, a coastal town in Kanagawa Prefecture is popular for its beach and provides visitors with a glance into Japan's extensive history, with many temples, shrines and other historical monuments.
Kamakura was historically known as the political capital of Japan in the 11th century, during the feudal political system. It has played an important role as the centre of Buddhist temples.
One of the biggest indicators of this period is the monument of Great Buddha, which stands at 11.4 metres tall and weighs 121 tonnes. This icon is one of the most famous statues in Japan and is often termed as a national treasure.
Another attraction in Kamakura is Komachi Street. There are many shops, cafes and restaurants along the street. It is the best place to eat out and shop for souvenirs. A lot of shops offer snacks which you can enjoy while exploring the place.
Yuigahama Beach is a 3.2-kilometre-long beach located on the south coast in Kamakura City. The beach here is a hotspot for residents and tourists all year round. It can be accessed from Kamakura station after walking for 20 minutes.

It is a paradise for surfers during all seasons. Some tourists enjoy horse riding on the beach.
In addition to that, Shimokitazawa is an area known for its shopping hub with many vintage, second-hand clothing and interior goods shops, theatres, live houses and cafes available for tourists to explore.
The town was once a farming village and has now been turned into a residential area, with a thriving young creative community.
People in this area are very open-minded -- they accept any fashion or style. It is common to see famous people in this area as they like to come here. The residents here and shop owners welcome the presence of live houses and other creative artists.
After surviving air raids in World War II, this neighbourhood was turned into a US second-hand market for soldiers during the occupation period. Parts of that market still exist today.
The most famous thing to do in this area is to explore second-hand shops, which offer a great variety of styles and sizes. There are a lot of shops with good prices. (ANI)