Heat Wave
Heat Wave

Karachi: 65 succumb to deadly heat waves

ANI | Updated: May 22, 2018 19:56 IST

Karachi [Pakistan], May 22 (ANI): At least 65 people have died in different areas of Karachi due to heatstroke, Edhi Foundation head Faisal Edhi confirmed.
As per a report by local Pakistan newspaper on Monday, out of 114 bodies brought at Edhi's morgue situated in Karachi's Korangi and Sohrab Goth areas in the past three days, 65 died out of heatstroke.
Edhi confirmed the most of the heatstroke victims belong to two districts named Landhi and Korangi.
Most of the victims are aged between six to 78 years and have died in their homes.
The situation was exacerbated by citywide power outages and due to the observance of fast during the holy month of Ramzan. During the fasting period, the practicing Muslims abstain themselves from drinking water for long periods.
"People died because they did not get medical help on time," Edhi further said.
The Pakistan officials have issued advisories warning people to stay indoors during daytime.
Some local media reports quoted Metrological Department saying that Karachi is expected to see an excess of heat until May 23 with the mercury rising up to 40 degrees Celsius as the heat wave surrounds the city.
On Sunday, a maximum temperature of 44 degrees Celsius was recorded at 3 pm in Karachi. (ANI)