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Lack of medical facilities in Balochistan hospitals leaves 3 dead in 24 hours

ANI | Updated: Jun 10, 2020 10:25 IST

Balochistan [Pakistan], June 10 (ANI): As many as three people, including two children, passed away within 24 hours in three districts of Balochistan due to the unavailability of medical facilities in hospitals in the province, local media reported.
Three-year-old Shahdad who fell ill was taken to a nearby health centre in Kech district but due to lack of facilities, he had to be taken 120 kilometres away to Turbat. However, the child died on his way, according to The Balochistan Post.
Citing local sources the media stated further that Shahdad had a high fever but he was not treated timely during the unavailability of facilities. However, he could not reach Turbat due to the dilapidated condition of the road between Mand and Turbat.
Yesterday, another little boy Ameer Ul Mulk passed away in Nushki, during treatment.
Quoting the residents of the area, Ameer Ul Mulk had been taken to hospital, where doctors discharged him after prescribing medicines after declaring him to be out of danger. After blood clotted due to deep wounds on the body of the child, he was again taken to hospital due to severe pain where he was referred to Quetta city.
Doctors in Quetta advised surgery for Malik but he died before that.
In a third incident, 30-year-old Barkat Ali also died yesterday due to lack of first aid, in Kharan city of Balochistan.

Injured in a shooting incident in Gawash area, Ali was taken to Divisional Headquarter Hospital, Kharan, where he was referred to Quetta due to a lack of medical facilities while he succumbed to death on his way.
According to regional journalists, the surgeon of the DHQ Hospital, Kharan, declined surgery for the injured person due to the unavailability of electricity. The injured man died in Noshki district before arriving in Quetta.
The above-mentioned incidents commonly occur in most parts of Balochistan due to the absence of basic medical needs. Even in traffic accidents, most of the injured die due to the lack of first aid treatments.
Maternal mortality rates are also higher in remote areas of Balochistan, reasons of which are considered to be the dilapidated condition of basic health units. According to a report, out of a hundred thousand women in Balochistan, 850 die during childbirth.
This year in April, Kunhal Bugti, a resident of Zain-Koh died as the Dera Bugti administration refused her permit of travel to a hospital. As a result of this incident, the government was severely criticized.
The public has been criticizing local administration, government and its selected representatives over the death of the said patients within 24 hours.
However, despite facing strong criticism due to the lack of ambulances, generators and other health facilities no action has been taken by authorities in this regard so far.
Balochistan is a well-known region rich in natural resources but the people of Balochistan are deprived of basic facilities. No hospitals are available in Balochistan. If there are some then medical facilities and equipment are not available in hospitals. The situation is similar with education, roads, water system, agriculture and almost all fields of life. (ANI)