Lahore concludes protest after govt, agitators reach agreement

ANI | Updated: Dec 02, 2017 07:52 IST

Lahore (Pakistan) December 2 (ANI) The protestors of a religious group, Maulana Asif Jalali-led faction of Tehreek-i-Labbaik Ya Rasool Allah (TLY), have concluded their week-long protest after reaching an agreement with the Punjab government.

They ended the protest on the city's Mall Road after the government convinced them to withdraw their main demand -- the resignation of Punjab Law Minister Rana Sanaullah from his post.

"The Lahore sit-in had been launched by the Jalali-led faction of the political party following reports of a police operation against the participants of the Faizabad sit-in on the morning of November 25," Dawn reported.

The agitators demanded the Law Minister's resignation as they alleged that the government had "dumped" the bodies of the party's supporters "killed" in the Islamabad operation.

They also demanded blood money for those affected.

Both the protestors and government agreed to publish the report compiled by the Raja Zafarul Haq committee by December 20.

The committee will also decide on the number of loudspeakers in each mosque in the province.

The two sides agreed that the Muttahida Ulema Board, Punjab will review the educational curriculum of the province in connection with the religious views propagated through it, said Dawn.

When Jalali was asked on Sanaullah's resignation, he said the "court of Pir Hameeduddin Sialvi" will decide the matter.

However, the protestors still demanded action be taken against the minister. (ANI)