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Liaoning vs US Ford-class aircraft carrier: Who will win?

ANI | Updated: Jan 31, 2021 12:03 IST

Beijing [China], January 31 (ANI): There is a lot of hype over Liaoning ship - China's first aircraft carrier, but the question remains whether it can defeat US Ford-class aircraft carrier in a showdown?
Liaoning ship is China's first aircraft carrier, and it is also the aircraft carrier that has been used for the longest time and is basically incapable of combat, reported Sohu - Chinese daily newspaper.
Many people have predicted that Liaoning ship has no power to fight back US Ford-class aircraft carrier, a class of nuclear-powered aircraft carriers currently being constructed for the United States Navy (Gerald R Ford-class aircraft carrier) to be deployed in 2021.
This is due to the gap in technical strength. The Liaoning ship is essentially a training ship. The training is mainly used to train aircraft carrier personnel. It is not used for combat, reported the Chinese daily.

In terms of the combat radius and performance of aircraft carrier fighters, the Liaoning is far inferior to the Ford. It can track down Liaoning through its early warning system.
If the two sides are eight or nine hundred kilometres apart, the Ford may have discovered the Liaoning, then Liaoning will have to drive for a few more hours to discover the Ford. An hour's time difference is enough to ruin an aircraft carrier battle group, reported Sohu.
Moreover, Ford can carry more than 70 F-35, while Liaoning has a carrying limit of 20 fighter planes. Also, the difference between the fighter jets of the US and China is a big letdown for Beijing. While F-35s are fifth-generation aircraft with an early warning system, the Chinese J-15s suffers from combat effectiveness, combat system, and quantity, reported Sohu.
Furthermore, a powerful aircraft carrier battle group requires several years of training before it can be cultivated. The technical know-how of the US in aircraft carriers, as well as fighter jets, is 30-40 years ahead of China, reported Sohu.
Without at least 20 years of accumulation, our aircraft carriers cannot reach the level of the current US military in terms of performance. Come first, come later, maybe the Army and Air Force can add some new equipment. The navy's complex combat system cannot form effective combat effectiveness in a short period of time, added the Chinese daily. (ANI)