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London: FBM holds conference on deplorable human rights condition in Balochistan

ANI | Updated: Dec 12, 2019 10:20 IST

London, [UK], Dec 12 (ANI): The Free Balochistan Movement (FBM) held a conference on the deplorable human rights situation under which people are living in Iranian and Pakistani-occupied Balochistan.
Human rights activists and political leaders from both sides of the border attended the 'Human Rights in Balochistan' conference in London. Representatives of Turks and Arabs of AlAhwaz have also participated in the conference.
Speaking at the conference, Professor Shahsavar Karimzadi, vice President of the Free Balochistan Movement, said that Iran and Pakistan do not respect and implement the Universal Declaration of Human Rights because it is an "antithesis" to their very nature. He read the first 10 articles of the UDHR and explained how these rights are being violated by Pakistan and Iran.
He highlighted the cases of the recent abduction of Baloch women by Pakistan army and said Pakistan's Punjabi Army is a worse colonial army that oppresses the most vulnerable members of the society.
The world was shocked when they saw ISIS's brutalities and use of rape as a weapon of war but the world forgets that Pakistan's Punjabi Army record is worse than ISIS because it raped hundreds of thousands of Muslim Bengali women during 1970s', he said.
Karimzadi said that until the world does not recognize the colonial and oppressive origin of these fake state there cannot be peace and prosperity in the region. The conference was moderated by Jamal Nasir Baloch.
Abdullah Arif, a representative of, Baloch campaign, a human rights organisation, shed light on the Iranian state policies towards the Baloch nation. He said that the Baloch people are facing human rights violations in Iran for the last 90 years.
Arif said that the demography of Balochistan is being changed and Iranians have publically announced that they will settle six million non-Baloch ethnic groups in the coastal areas of Makuran, Iranian occupied Balochistan.
Ismail Amiri, the representative of the Baluchistan National Movement (Zrombesh), said that the human rights of Baloch people are being violated at all levels. He said Iranians want to eliminate the Baloch nation and such attempts were made in the past too but Baloch people survived.
"Iran claims that they will bring people into Balochistan and develop the region, it is not development but exploitation and colonialism, look the conditions of Ahwazi Arabs in their own native country. Iran built plants only to steal their oil wealth", Amiri informed the participants.
Graham Williamson, leader of Nations without State, began his speech to explain the nature of human rights law and international laws for the minorities. He informed the participants about World War II and the development of the right to self-determination and the role of Franklin D. Roosevelt. He said that members of all oppressed nations who are living in free countries should contribute to their national cause because "people back home are being oppressed and it is their duty to tell the world about their country".
Efe Oguzlu, the representative of the South Azerbaijani Independence Party, talked about the division of Azerbaijan. He said that they achieved freedom of whole Azerbaijan but it was very brief and lasted for two years. "Now, Iran is killing Turks of Azerbaijan publically and they do not hesitate to show their brutality," he said.
Haider Ali, a member of the Free Balochistan Movement's UK Branch and a victim of torture, read his ordeal. He informed the participants that how he was enforced disappeared by the Pakistani intelligence agencies and tortured for three years. He said that he is a witness of kill and dump policy and know many people who were in the secret torture cell and then later murdered, and their bodies were founded from desert areas of Balochistan. (ANI)