Married couple Ham So-won (left) and Jin Hua (Provided by TV Chosun)
Married couple Ham So-won (left) and Jin Hua (Provided by TV Chosun)

Married couple Ham So-won and Jin Hua stepping down from South Korean reality show 'Taste of Wife'

ANI | Updated: Mar 31, 2021 11:44 IST

Seoul [South Korea], March 31 (ANI/Global Economic): Actress Ham So-won and Jin Hua, a Korean Chinese couple famous for their 18-year gap, have decided to leave the reality show "Taste of Wife" where they have been permanent members on since the show started in 2018. "Taste of Wife" airs on South Korean television network TV Chosun.
The production team of "Taste of Wife" said on Mar. 28: "We've decided to respect Ham So-won's wishes as the couple have decided to step down [from the show]."
Earlier, Ham So-won had made a post on her social media page hinting the couple's departure after controversy arose over the possible fabrication of the contents of "Taste of Wife."

"Thank you for all the love you've given us. I will return after learning about a lot of things that I lack in," she wrote on her personal Instagram account.
Previously, a controversy was stirred when the vacation home of Ham's parents-in-law shown in "Taste of Wife" was suspected to be an Airbnb accommodation. In addition, suspicions arose regarding a recent phone call exchanged between Mama, Ham's mother-in-law, and the youngest aunt, which was aired on the show: Suspicions were raised that the aunt was actually Ham.
In response, Ham So-won posted a screen capture showing malicious comments on her Instagram, and added a message to the post: "The world is such a scary place."
Ham made her debut in the entertainment industry after winning Miss Korea Pacific in 1997, and made headlines when she wed Jin Hua, 18 years her junior, in early 2018 while working in China. She gave birth to a daughter in December of the same year.
The two joined "Taste of Wife" in June of the same year and showed their daily lives through the program. The couple were the biggest contribution to the show's success, but they also went through a number of controversies at the same time. The couple were wrapped in several breakup rumors, but showed overcoming the rumors each time on the broadcasts. (ANI/Global Economic)