African migrants in Israel to resettle in Germany, Canada, Italy: Netanyahu

ANI | Updated: Apr 02, 2018 21:39 IST

Jerusalem [Israel], Apr. 2 (ANI): Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday named Germany, Canada and Italy as the three countries where migrants in Israel would be resettled.

Netanyahu, while addressing a presser at the Prime Minister's office here on Monday, further noted that for one or every migrant deported from Israel, one will be allowed to stay, according to The Jerusalem Post.

As per a latest agreement on refugees between the Prime Minister's Office and the UN High Commission, Israel may deport around 16,250 migrants and grant temporary residency to an additional 16,000 who fulfill certain criteria to be ascertained through cooperation between Israel and the commission.

However, Netanyahu said the Supreme Court had banned the state from deporting migrants to countries that won't absorb them. He also highlighted the establishment of a special unit to help rehabilitate the neighbourhoods of South Tel Aviv.

Furthermore, the world leader, as per the leading daily, announced that Israel would look at evenly distributing the migrant population across the country Israel and assist with jobs and training for those staying back in Israel.

In January, the Prime Minister had ordered thousands of African refugees to leave the country by April or face imprisonment. However, this was widely criticised by activists from across the world.

Following this, the United Nations had called on Israel to halt its policy of deporting over 33,000 Eritreans and Sudanese people.

According to a UN estimate, there are nearly 27,000 Eritreans and 7,700 Sudanese people residing in Israel. (ANI)