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MISSHA signs partnership with Alibaba and Tmall to target Chinese market

ANI | Updated: Aug 25, 2021 14:05 IST

Seoul [South Korea], August 25 (ANI/Global Economic): Able C&C's cosmetic brand MISSHA will accelerate to target the Chinese online market.
According to Able C&C on the 24th, MISSHA has signed a strategic partnership with Tmall to speed up their enterprise digital transformation.
MISSHA and Tmall are planning to generate synergy by combining each company's core growth engines, such as new product development targeting the Chinese market, digital marketing and customer communication.

Tmall is China's largest e-commerce platform operated by Alibaba Group. Tmall will become MISSHA's largest online distribution channel in China and the main channel for brand promotion, channel management, and product innovation.
MISSHA is planning to renew its brand in three business goals, MZ generation targeted cosmetics, brand image, and operations, and will boost sales in China by cooperating with Tmall.
"After COVID-19 pandemic, the consumption trend worldwide has moved to online, and the market significantly changed. This collaboration will be the digital transformation milestone of Able C&C," said CEO Kim Yu-jin of Able C&C. "We will achieve sustainable growth through cooperation and win-win strategies." (ANI/Global Economic)