South Korean President Moon Jae-in
South Korean President Moon Jae-in

Moon seeks parliamentary support for Korean peninsula denuclearization

ANI | Updated: Nov 01, 2018 10:12 IST

Seoul [South Korea], Nov 1 (ANI): South Korean President Moon Jae-in called for the South Korean parliament's support for the denuclearisation of the Korean peninsula.
Addressing the National Assembly on Thursday, he said, "I earnestly request that the National Assembly work with us on the Korean Peninsula denuclearisation and peace process."
"We have to combine our strength to keep this opportunity alive," Moon added.
He also announced North Korean leader Kim Jong-un's visit to Russia, while mentioning that Chinese Premier Xi Jinping is expected to visit North Korea in the near future, according to Yonhap News Agency.
"A second North-U.S. summit is just around the corner. A visit to Russia by Chairman Kim Jong-un and a visit to North Korea by Chinese President Xi Jinping are expected to take place in the near future. The possibility of a North-Japan summit also remains open. A return visit to Seoul by Chairman Kim Jong-un will also take place soon," the South Korean President said.
Terming the ongoing peace process in the Korean peninsula as a "historic starting point for co-prosperity", Moon also mentioned that it is an opportunity that should not be missed.
"A historic starting point for co-prosperity on the Korean Peninsula and in Northeast Asia is just ahead of us. We will be going beyond the Eurasian continent by train and moving toward a multilateral peace and security regime through a railway community (of nations)," he said.
"This is an opportunity that came like a miracle. This is an opportunity that we should never miss," Moon noted. (ANI)