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MoS Meenakashi Lekhi
MoS Meenakashi Lekhi

MoS Lekhi celebrates 60 years of Indo-Trinidad and Tobago diplomatic relations, says India is living festival for all mankind

ANI | Updated: Sep 03, 2022 00:59 IST

By Ayushi Agarwal
New Delhi [India], September 3 (ANI): While celebrating the 60th Independence anniversary of Trinidad & Tobago and commemorating 60 years of Indo-Trinidad & Tobago diplomatic relations, Minister of State for External Affairs & Culture, Meenakashi Lekhi, said that India has always assimilated the countries with their adoption and the Indian Diaspora is always a living link between countries.
"In Indian history, I can say that civilizationally we are five thousand plus years old civilization. Only 170 years ago, some of our brothers and sisters left for some island states but we are back again. The best part is that these people carried in their hearts the memories of the country that they left behind. So, wherever they are, they celebrate as we do. We are celebrating the 75th year of our independence day, and they are celebrating 60 years of their independence. India is a living festival for all kinds, that's the message of India no matter what skin colour you have", she said.
Hailing to be a part of India's 75th Independence anniversary, Dr Roger Gopaul, High Commissioner for the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago to India said that he was extremely delighted to celebrate with India its 75th independence anniversary and was very happy to be a part of "Bharat".

Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR) in collaboration with the High Commission for the Republic of Trinidad & Tobago, New Delhi organized an evening of 'Chutney Music and Songs from Trinidad & Tobago with Indian Folk Dance & Music' in New Delhi to commemorate 60 years of Indo-Trinidad & Tobago diplomatic relationship, celebrating 75th anniversary of India's Independence and 60th Independence anniversary of the Republic of Trinidad & Tobago.
The event was inaugurated by Minister of State for External Affairs & Culture, Meenakashi Lekhi apart from the diplomatic community in Delhi, dignitaries and delegates from both India and Trinidad & Tobago were present at the event.
Renowned performers from both nations presented respective traditional folk music & songs during the event. Celebrities like Neval Chatelal, Johann Chuckaree from Trinidad and Tobago and a 12-member folk group led by Sukhvinder Singh from India performed at the event. Fusion performances ornated the event blended with Tabla performance by Hafeez Ahmed Alvi, an Indian Tabla maestro.
Trinidad and Tobago and India have a long history of cultural and economic ties. Over the last six decades, Trinidad and Tobago and India have worked steadily to strengthen economic ties, share cultural traditions and deepen relationships. Under the Vaccine Maitri initiative, India donated 40,000 doses of the AstraZeneca Covishield vaccines to the Government and people of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.
The southernmost island in the Caribbean, The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago is famous for its coastlines, natural resources, sanctuaries, Creole traditions and cuisines. The small island country is a high-income economy and is celebrating its 60th year of Independence. (ANI)