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Myanmar military surrounds Ma Hlwa Gone Railway compound after railway association joined civil disobedience movement

ANI | Updated: Mar 10, 2021 11:43 IST

Naypyitaw [Myanmar], March 10 (ANI): Launching a fresh crackdown on pro-democracy protesters, the Myanmar military on Wednesday surrounded Ma Hlwa Gone Railway compound, even "robbed the rice bags and groceries that were donated for civil disobedience movement (CDM) workers" after the railway association joined the movement.
According to several Twitter users in Myanmar, the military surrounded the Ma Hlwa Gone Railway compound after the railway association joined the civil disobedience movement.
"Ma Hlwa Gone Railway compound is totally surrounded by Myanmar Military Terrorists since 6 am this morning! It is said that they are coming after the railwayman after the whole railway association joined CDM! Many people have fled away! Some are trapped!" said one of the Twitter users.
Citing eyewitnesses, another Twitter user said the "terrorist group robbed the rice bags and groceries, which were donated for CDM workers in Ma Hlwa Gone Railway station yard this morning."
Another Twitterati said, "Both terrorist soldiers and police forces are deployed stand by along Banyardala road to recharge raiding Ma Hlwa Gone railway station yard. JUNTA BESIEGING."

"Currently Yangon, Ma Hlwa Gone Railway station is like a lockdown!! The Junta's Terrorist police and military blocked all the streets and ways out, arrested the CDM workers and robbed rice that were donated for CDM workers! Residents are trying to move out the elderly!!" said another user.
As the pro-democracy protests against the Myanmar junta intensifies, the security forces have arrested several people during the anti-coup crackdown and the licences of five independent media companies have been revoked.
According to a report by Voice of America (VOA), the Military Council on Monday announced its decision to revoke the licences of five independent media companies in the nation amid reports of armed men ransacking the offices of one of the outlets and the arrest of an editor covering anti-coup protests.
The five media companies are Myanmar Now, Khit Thit media, Democratic Voice of Burma (DVB), Mizzima and 7 Day.
The military toppled the Southeast Asian nation's elected government on February 1 and launched a massive crackdown on anti-coup protesters, shutting down the internet and arresting hundreds of people, including the state counselor and the president. The crackdown on protesters left more than 50 people dead. (ANI)