Nabha Jail break mastermind Romi denied bail for robbery, terrorism links

ANI | Updated: Mar 03, 2018 08:24 IST

Hong Kong [China], Mar.3 (ANI): A court in Hong Kong has refused to grant bail to an Indian-born Hong Kong resident as he is already wanted by Interpol for his alleged links to terrorism, political killings and a prison break, and now, has also been charged with taking part in a multimillion-dollar robbery committed in the city.

According to a South China Morning Post (SCMP) report, Ramanjit Singh alias Romi, 29, was taken to the Kowloon City Court for the first time yesterday since his status as a wanted person was revealed by the media.

About 20 heavily armed officers, uniformed and in plain clothes, armed with MP5 submachine guns, accompanied Singh to the court.

Heightened security measures were put in place on the seventh floor outside Court Five, where Singh appeared.

A checkpoint was set up for anyone entering the vicinity, including some of the 50 police officers, security guards and staff, with handheld metal detectors out in force.

Some were asked to take off their jackets during the check, while a police dog was on standby to look out for explosives. Senior superintendents were also present.

Police officers at the lift lobby asked all media to leave name of their publication on a list.

Singh made his first court appearance a week ago, when he was taken to the same court to face a robbery charge. He is one of five accused of robbing two people in Tsim Sha Tsui, a busy district in Hong Kong, of more than 450 million Japanese yen (HK$32.6 million) on February 9 this year.

Romi is also involved in the November 2016 Nabha Jail break case and has acquired a reputation for funding terrorism plans.

Singh, who also goes by a Chinese name, is accused of "conspiring in, abetting, advising and facilitating terrorist activities", raising funds for terrorism, preparing an act of terror and membership of a terrorist group, according to a notice issued by Interpol, the SCMP reports.

He is currently in police remand at the Lai Chi Kok reception centre, and had asked the court to review his bail on Friday.

The SCMP has learned that security at the facility has been strengthened after the authorities came to know of the allegations that Singh faced abroad.

Singh can apply for another bail hearing on March 10 at the same court, or apply directly to the Court of First Instance, a higher court. (ANI)