Nakano Sun Mall Shopping Street
Nakano Sun Mall Shopping Street

Nakano in Tokyo - a shopper's paradise

ANI | Updated: Jun 10, 2021 16:50 IST

Tokyo [Japan], June 10 (ANI): "Nakano" area is located near the centre of Tokyo, where high-rise buildings are lined up. Nakano Sun Mall Shopping Street is a lively arcade shopping street. Every day, people from all generations visit and enjoy shopping here.
This place has kept its energy and is still busy every day, although many other shopping arcade streets are in decline in other towns in Tokyo due to large shopping malls and internet sales.
"Nakano Sun Mall Shopping Street is located at the north exit of Nakano Station. The shopping street is 224 meters long and there are 114 stores," said Takeshi Motohashi, Nakano Sun mall.
The carp-like decoration "KOINOBORI" is hung from the roof of the arcade, and it is a cultural custom to celebrate children's day when they are usually hung on the roof of a house.

"Elementary school students and kindergarten children in this area have made "KOINOBORI" and decorated it in this arcade. It is very popular among visitors, and this is the fourth event of the year," said Takeshi Motohashi, Nakano Sun Mall.
After passing through this shopping street, there is a shopping area called "Nakano Broadway" that is popular among foreign tourists.
There are many manga comic stores and animation character stores, and it is known as the place from where the culture of animation became popular worldwide. Japanese and foreign animation enthusiasts come here to look for rare items.
"During recent decades, many shopping streets in Japan have been in decline. This can't go against the trend of the times. However, this shopping street has not declined. I believe that even in the new era, young people will gather, in the future, after the coronavirus will disappear, many foreign tourists will visit again. This shopping town will become a special town and event place for connecting Japan and foreign countries," said Yoshitaka Kaneko, Nakano Broadway.
The shopping street in Nakano will always be full of people of all generations and many tourists, and it will keep its status as a famous tourist attraction representing Japan. (ANI)