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Border crossing between Iran and Afghanistan. (Photo Credit - Reuters)
Border crossing between Iran and Afghanistan. (Photo Credit - Reuters)

Nearly 100 Afghan refugees shot dead by Iranian security forces during past 6 months: Local officials

ANI | Updated: Feb 08, 2022 22:29 IST

Kabul [Afghanistan], February 8 (ANI): Nearly 100 Afghan refugees who wanted to enter Iran illegally have been shot dead by Iranian security forces, and their bodies transferred to Afghanistan within six months since the Taliban took over, according to local officials.
Local officials in Nimruz province said that scores of Iran-bound Afghan refugees were killed and hundreds were beaten up, reported Tolo News.
According to officials from the Herat Department of Refugees and Repatriations, in the past six months, over 460 wounded who have been beaten have entered Afghanistan from Iran through the Islam Qala border.
"According to relatives of the patients, the sick and wounded people were beaten on the border when they wanted to cross the border into Iran," said Jailani Sharifi, Nursing Director of Nimruz Hospital.
"The dignity of Afghans must be preserved and not disrespected. They should deport them with dignity," said Bismillah Sirat, a resident of Nimruz.

"Afghans are not seen as human beings and are being oppressed," said Abdul Hakim, a resident of Nimruz.
The body of 16-year-old Sohrab just arrived in Herat from Iran. According to the teenager's relatives, he was shot and killed by Iranian soldiers in Isfahan. Sohrab had gone to Iran illegally to find work, reported Tolo News.
"Sohrab jan wanted to go to Iran to work there, he told me 'I am going to Iran to help my father here in Afghanistan,'" said Mirwais, a relative of Sohrab.
"Sohrab went to Iran once ten days ago, but he was deported from the border, the second time he reached Isfahan," said Mustafa, Sohrab's relatives.
Some sources in Herat said that several bullet-riddled bodies have entered the province in recent months from the border of Islam Qala, reported Tolo News.
"There are people who have been beaten, their arms and legs have been broken," said Mawlawi Abdulhai Manib, head of the Refugees and Repatriation Department of Herat.
Tens of thousands of Afghans mostly youth are resorting to dangerous ways to get out of the war-torn nation after the Taliban's takeover on August 15 last year. (ANI)