NEC hosts Asia-Pacific exhibition to introduce top technology

ANI | Updated: Feb 21, 2018 13:33 IST

Bangkok [Thailand], Feb.21 (ANI): Japanese information technology company NEC recently hosted an Asia Pacific exhibition in Bangkok that showcased the latest advancements in deployment of technology.

The event displayed NEC's latest advancements in the deployment of "Internet of Things" (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence Technologies (AI) in areas that cover a wide spectrum, ranging from Public Services to Urban Management, as well as Business Transformation in healthcare, public safety, enterprise management, and Smart City infrastructure which all aim at realizing values such as safety, security, efficiency, and equality, paving the way towards a smart society.

NEC helps cities respond to any arising challenges with regards to flexibly during each stage of development. The solutions for "Smart City" are designed to enable high-quality urban living over many generations, while still contributing to a safer, more comfortable and eco-friendly environment.

"NEC provides the most of digital transformation, and we are very eager to supply our A.I. system to more and more clients. In today's society, there are many ways to reform our working style. We would recognize the sustainable society and aim to bring vitality to companies, industries, cities, and people," NEC Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Takashi Niino.

NEC has the world's no.1 facial recognition system in terms of both speed and accuracy.

This technology is currently being deployed around the world to help improve public safety and security.

NEC technology can provide benefits to both the private and public sector by deploying its biometric identification.

"I think that the possibility of human recognition is improving greatly as facial recognition technology progresses. As a result, we can also expect that the probability of detecting criminals and criminal activity to rise substantially too," a participant said.

During NEC's event, visitors experienced and interacted with the latest NEC's innovative ICT solutions, they also learnt from distinguished industry leaders through presentations, real-world case studies, and seminars that provide insights into how these technologies can be harnessed in order to stay ahead and drive up productivity.

NEC's Smart Hospitality Solutions provide hoteliers with an IT platform for delivering authentic, optimized services that allow each guest to enjoy a relaxing and pleasant hotel stay, instilling a warm feeling of hospitality and comfort.

Since its inception in 2014, NEC Innovative Solutions Fair events in Asia have been well-received in Singapore, Indonesia, and Malaysia, as well as in Thailand.

Furthermore, NEC provides IT solutions and enjoys a well-deserved highly praised reputation throughout the world boasting more than 30 years of experience.(ANI)