Nepal Constitution turns 'three' with high hopes and doubts

ANI | Updated: Sep 19, 2017 18:56 IST

Kathmandu: [Nepal], Sep 19 (ANI): Nepal has successfully held first tier of election- the Local Level election- which ended on Monday in province no. 2 and is scheduled to hold the election of Province and Parliament in November and December. The Constitution has the mandatory provision of holding the three-tier election by first week of 2018 and has been progressing over it.

At the same time, Nepal's 7th and the first Constitution after it was declared a Republic nation has turned three from Tuesday. The controversial Constitution promulgated in September of 2015 have had divided the country into two factions though it was endorsed by 90 percent of lawmakers out of nearly six hundred those remained in the Parliament of Nepal.

The Madhesh based parties came against the Constitution blaming it of discrimination taking down the street and running a marathon protest in the Southern Plains of Nepal where it had its footholds. Though the Constitution has turned three, the grievances over the Constitution still remains as well as it is yet to be implemented fully.

While talking to ANI, Tirtha Koirala, a senior journalist as well as the President of Nepal Press Institute highlighted the progress and achievement achieved thus in between three years of Constitution promulgation.

"Basically, we had three agendas of the Constitution. One was Democratization, second was the reorganization of the nation and the third was inclusion. After the promulgation of the Constitution regarding the governance structure, we still are working over it like the exercise over the province is going on. The local election has commenced successfully which is the biggest achievement. Now, with the election of Province, Parliament, new President and Vice- President it will complete," Koirala said.

But, Nepal is still to progress with the issue of inclusion as the demand of Constitution amendment is still to be addressed which is the bottom line for the disgruntled and long time agitating parties.

But, different views exist still after two years of promulgation of Constitution over the amendment issue blames government of staging an act of child play.

"This issue needs study about why the case of amendment is being raised? What are the reasons that lie behind it? It should be clear and a study is needed over it. For example, if amendments are made in haste now then chances are there that in future some other political parties may or may not be satisfied with the issues raised now," said Koirala.

He opined that Constitution should be amended in a manner that demand of amending it again should not arise after one or two decades.

Nepal, which is claims to have more space for the marginalized groups with special provisions for them, is still being accused of be discrimination or failing to justify its inclusive provisions.

"Regarding the issue of Constitution implementation, we are a bit backward over the issue of inclusiveness because still the issue of amendment is being raised. It is because one of the groups feels that they still are not included," Koirala claims.

The Constitution promulgated in September, 2015 is the first in Asia to specifically protect the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender communities. Along with it, it has special representation on the local levels with special provisions for women and ethnic groups which has resulted in more participation of women. But, the grievance has turned down all the hopes and limelight of the Federal Republic nation's Constitution. (ANI)