Protests in Nepal
Protests in Nepal

Nepali protestors demand Chief Justice be impeached after controversial verdict

ANI | Updated: Jul 24, 2020 23:32 IST

Kathmandu [Nepal], July 24 (ANI): A group of protestors took onto the street of Kathmandu on Friday demanding Supreme Court's Chief Justice to be impeached for freeing murder-convict handed over with life sentence.
A bench of Justices including Chef Justice Cholendra Shumsher Jabaraand Tejbahadur KC on Friday had freed murder-convict former police personnel DIG, Ranjan Koirala, shortening his life term sentence to eight years six months.
Koirala was convicted on the murder of his own wife Geeta Dhakal and attempting to burn the dead body on the outskirts of the capital to cover-up the incident.
On June 29, the apex court had made the verdict to free Koirala from prison waving on the remaining 11 years jail term slapped by Kathmandu District Court and Patan High Court.

Demonstrators today chanted slogans against decision calling on for impeachment of CJ and the bench claiming it would set a negative precedent in the legislature.
"This is not only for the incident of today, as it would be recorded on as precedent many of the people would roam free or would take the benefit by stepping on this incident. It is totally unaccepted for the society, along with it would also take down the trust of people over the legislature which is sure to be. The ones who are making on the mistakes should be impeached and sent to jail, we have been demanding it and trying to create on the pressure on the government as well as the political parties to start on the parliamentary session to take the things forward," Ram Naresh Yadav, one of the demonstrators, told ANI.
After the verdict was delivered by the apex court, Koirala was released from the Dillibazar Jail on Thursday.
In earlier verdicts given on by Kathmandu District Court and the Patan High Court, all his property also was confiscated.
When the case was on former DIG of APF Koirala had confessed that he had killed his wife by strangling her in January of 2012. With verdict being changed and pressure mounting the government on Thursday itself has filed a review petition challenging the verdict. (ANI)