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Nepal's yarn industry gets a boost due to rise in orders from India post lockdown

ANI | Updated: Sep 26, 2020 13:04 IST

Kathmandu [Nepal], September 26 (ANI): The phasing out of lockdown in India has led to a rise in the demand for Nepal made yarns. This surge has in turn helped the local producers.
According to the producers, they are now operating at over 60 percent of their capacity because of increasing orders from India.
"We are now exporting the yarns to India. My company, in particular, is running at 70 percent of the capacity, other companies also are following the same steps," Bishnu Neupane, a proprietor of Jagdamba Spinning told ANI.
"We are receiving high demands and orders from India," he added.

For over two and a half decades Nepal's yarn industry has been exporting products to the Indian market. They receive the bulks of their orders from Punjab and Assam, and Silguri, Guhawati, Gorakhpur and New Delhi.
India imports about 60 percent of the total yarn made by Nepal, it is followed by Turkey in the second place. As per the record of customs, Nepal in the last one month has exported yarns amounting to one billion Nepali rupees.
Reliance Spinning, Triveni Spinning and Jagdamba Spinning are three major yarn companies of Nepal that are now operating at above 60 percent of their capacity.
"We had to halt production due to the lockdown in India and Nepal, but now we are back to business employing 17 hundred workers with food and accommodation provided by the company. As we are receiving the orders, our business is slowly getting back on track," Shashikanta Agrawal, a proprietor of Reliance Spinning said.
All the industries that are now back to work are following the COVID-19 health protocols. (ANI)