Netanyahu criticises Europe's 'hypocrisy' over Trump's Jerusalem move

ANI | Updated: Dec 10, 2017 08:34 IST

Tel Aviv [Israel], Dec 10 (ANI): Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has criticised the 'hypocrisy' and 'double standard' of European nations over United States President Donald Trump's decision to unilaterally recognise Jerusalem as Israel's capital, 'but failing to speak out against rocket fire' at the nation.

"In Paris I will meet with my friend, French President Emmanuel Macron. I will then hold an important meeting in Brussels with European foreign ministers," Netanyahu said before he took off for Paris and Brussels for meeting with leaders from the EU.

"I ascribe great importance to Europe. While I respect Europe, I'm not prepared to accept a double standard from it. I hear voices condemning @POTUS Trump's historic statement but have not heard condemnations of the rockets fired at Israel or the terrible incitement against it," he added.

Netanyahu also made it clear that he was not prepared to accept what he called a hypocrisy against Israel and as usual at this important forum he would present his country's truth without any fear.

Netanyahu, after meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron in Paris on Sunday, will meet EU foreign policy Chief Federica Mogherini in Brussels, on Monday, Israeli newspaper Haaretz reported.

Netanyahu will also face a campaign by EU parliamentarians demanding compensation for EU-funded structures in the Palestinian territories demolished by Israel.

The United States has become the first country in the world to recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel following Trump's decision.

In line with this announcement, the US is also shifting its embassy from Tel Aviv to the holy city, again becoming the first country to take such a step.

With this step, Trump has fulfilled one of its campaign promises and reversed decades-long US policy on this matter.

Various Palestinian factions, including militant organisation Hamas, called for a day of rage on Friday against the US and Israeli occupation.

An estimated 3,000 people marched, burned Israeli flags and stamped on posters of Trump in around 30 protests across the Palestinian territories.

UN Security Council members also widely condemned Trump's move during an emergency meeting held on Friday.

Jerusalem is considered a sacred place, which is home to Jewish, Christian and Muslim holy sites.

However, it is also a disputed territory, contested by both Israel and Palestine, which sees it as a capital of its future state. (ANI)