Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan
Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan

Netizens troll Pak PM Imran Khan over statement on India's population

ANI | Updated: Aug 04, 2021 14:27 IST

New Delhi [India], August 4 (ANI): In a goof-up, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan said that India has a population of 1 billion 300 crores, landing him into the perfect position to be trolled online.
Khan in a video, which has now gone viral on social media, was trying to draw an analogy with the world and test cricket.
On being asked about why his nation's sporting situation is bad, Imran Khan cited New Zealand's example (for low population), beating India (with a larger population) in the World Test Championship final.
He said, "New Zealand with a population of 40-50 lakh defeated India with a population of 1 billion and 300 crores in the World Test Championship final."
India's population is 136 crores according to the 2019 census data.
Imran Khan's video was posted on Twitter. It soon caught the attention of netizens, who were quick to troll Khan.

"Imran Khan needs to check facts and have wisdom before he speaks to the world Audience about Indian Population etc. His head is filled with Anti- Indian hatred only. Grow up to be a Gentleman soon," said one of the users.
"I am sure Khan Saheb would also not know how many zeroes are there in billion," a Twitter user said.
"Geography, history and now maths have all proven to be the PM's worst subjects. Maybe he did well in chemistry?" said another user.
"This is the same guy who said Japan and Germany shared a border. He can....., say anything," another user tweeted.
This is not the first time Khan has made such a strange claim. In 2019, at a joint press conference with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani in Tehran, Khan said, "The more trade you have with each other, your ties automatically become stronger. Germany and Japan killed millions of their civilians until after the Second World War they decided that...on the border, on the border region of Germany and Japan, to have joint industries."
Instead of talking about Germany and France, who are neighbours he kept harping on the 'border' and the 'border region' these two countries share.
Japan and Germany both were allies in the Second World War but they are located at the far ends of the globe. Japan is an Asian Country while Germany is located in the European continent. (ANI)