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New evidence of Chinese repression emerges from Tibet, Xinjiang

ANI | Updated: Nov 30, 2021 23:33 IST

Beijing [China], November 30 (ANI): Areas in Tibet and the Uyghur Muslim belt in Xinjiang witness repression and there is widespread disquiet amongst the people in these regions, according to new anonymously shot video evidence that has emerged from the area, says new reports.
A 20-minute video shot by a person who identifies as 'Guanguan' shows the several detention centres across Xinjiang, reported the Policy Research Group while re-education camps have re-emerged in the Uyghur Muslim belt of Xinjiang.
As reported by the think tank, some disquiet is observed in the northeastern region of Tibet with conflicts between Han Chinese and the locals in Domda village in Yushu Prefecture.
"The authorities are forcing the local Tibetans to part with their land without any compensation. The land was taken for a construction project. And as the local Tibetans are resisting the demand, the authorities have let loose a reign of repression to have their way," according to the report.
A wave of forcible land takeover is again observed in the region. "This (land grab) by the apparatchiks of Communist Party of China has become a serious issue in parts of Tibet," reported the policy research group citing informed sources.

There is ambiguity over the reason behind China's reluctance to amend land policies despite local resistance to halt the projects.
However, with rising clashes, the housing project has been put to a halt. Trouble was inherent in the project as the authorities have sought to demolish nomads' houses for the venture.
In August this year, Tibetans attempted to visit Domda village to articulate solidarity with the suffering locals. Frisking and alleging intimidation, the Chinese officials stopped them from entering the village, reported policy research group.
"A member of the group, who resisted the search, was pushed into a nearby river. He later died. Another person, who attempted to intervene, was shot dead at point-blank range," reported the policy research group.
Instances of similar conflicts have been reported earlier also. Clashes were reported in November this year in Domda village, according to a source who told Radio Free Asia. (ANI)