The Nippon Foundation is encouraging social contribution worldwide.
The Nippon Foundation is encouraging social contribution worldwide.

Nippon Foundation decides to donate for coronavirus crisis

ANI | Updated: May 11, 2020 21:13 IST

Tokyo [Japan], May 11 (ANI): Amid coronavirus crisis, the collapse of the medical system is a big problem. In such a scenario, Japan's 'The Nippon Foundation' has declared to prepare huge temporary medical treatment facility, which will be built-in "Museum of Maritime and Science", "Para Arena" in Tokyo and on the private land in Tsukuba city.
The Nippon Foundation is encouraging social contribution worldwide and its bold and quick decision has triggered anti-corona contribution across Japan.
"The Nippon Foundation is engaged in humanitarian activities around the world with the goal of "One World." In terms of disaster management, the Nippon foundation is the first one to visit the disaster areas to provide relief. I think the corona problem is a disaster. There is an old Japanese proverb that goes, 'Providing is preventing," said Yohei Sasakawa, Chairman, The Nippon Foundation.

"When we heard the news about medical collapse on TV, we thought of what to do if it occurs in Japan. Then considering 'Providing is preventing,' we launched a project to build a medical camp for corona patients," Sasakawa added.
Sasakawa further emphasised that in the current situation, 'we need to strengthen our medical facility like hospitals, and the most important thing about disaster response is speed and decision-making, and it's amazing that this project has only inspired us, but also the other public and private organizations to provide their facilities.'
"At "Para arena", a gymnasium for Paralympic athletes, we will set up patient beds in this facility as the arena has good visibility and can be a good workplace for nurses to see several patients. In addition, there is a nature-rich park next to the facility, the air is clean and everyone can see the ocean, so it is a good place to relax mentally," said Sasakawa.
The Nippon Foundation defines its mission "social innovation".
To increase its prominence, The Nippon Foundation promotes it among the citizens, corporations, nonprofit organisations, governments, and international bodies all over the world. (ANI)