Nissei promotes soft ice cream with muscat cider in Tohoku region
Nissei promotes soft ice cream with muscat cider in Tohoku region

Nissei promotes soft ice cream with muscat cider in Tohoku region

ANI | Updated: Oct 21, 2021 13:55 IST

Rikuzentakata [Japan], October 21 (ANI): Takatamatsubara Memorial Park for Tsunami disaster is located in Rikuzentakata city of Iwate Prefecture.
A coffee shop cafe here sells soft ice cream, which is very popular among visitors. Muscat cider soft ice cream is gelato ice with Muscat flavour and tastes like Soda.
According to Shino Hoshi, Takata Matsubara, when this roadside station was opened, the main theme was to provide a delicious milk-flavoured soft ice cream. We also used Rikuzentakata's original soft ice with muscat soda produced by Kanda vineyard in this area. We have developed delicious soft ice cream with unique taste, utilizing local fruits.
Rikuzentakata city faced disaster during the Great East Japan Earthquake 10 years ago. A huge sea wall and a memorial park are built on the seaside when the city was reconstructed.
The Lone Miracle Pine is the only pine tree in this area that was not destroyed by the Tsunami and it has become a symbol of reconstruction.

Muscat cider soft ice cream was developed with an aim to roll back the time and get the town filled with tourists.
The ice cream has been developed in cooperation "Nissei", a soft ice cream maker company.
Muscat cider ice is a gelato mixed with soda, not cream. The taste with muscat-flavoured soda has been developed by a local vineyard.
This vineyard was also damaged by the Tsunami, but it is still functional and produces original soda. Along with drinking soda, the local vineyard developed a sprinkling soda powder.
The refreshing ice cream is very popular among the visitors.
Shino Hoshi, Takata Matsubara said that Rikuzentakata continues the efforts for reconstruction, so it is a place where the sea food, mountain and river are rich in nature and the air is very fresh. "We hope people come to Rikuzentakata and we will prepare muscat cider soft ice and delicious coffee, so please come and visit," Shino Hoshi said.
As this Tsunami-hit town is fast moving towards normalcy, tourists here can enjoy muscat cider soft ice cream. (ANI)