Former Pakistan ambassador Husain Haqqani
Former Pakistan ambassador Husain Haqqani

No deal with Pakistan over Husain Haqqani's extradition: US

ANI | Updated: May 04, 2018 13:18 IST

Islamabad [Pakistan], May 4 (ANI): The United States on Thursday rejected the reports on any deal with Pakistan to extradite former Pakistan ambassador Husain Haqqani in exchange of handing over Doctor Shakeel Afridi, the physician who helped the Central Investigation Agency to track Osama Bin Laden.

As reported by the Geo TV a spokesperson of the US State Department denied reports any such deal between Pakistan and the US.

Further as per some media reports, the Director General of Pakistan's Federal Investigation Agency said that the American authorities were contacted regarding Haqqani's extradition to which they replied, "you too have our man."

On May 2, the Foreign Office of Pakistan clarified that no deal is being made with the US to hand over Afridi in exchange of Haqqani.

Earlier, the US Department of State had said that it does not comment on pending or potential extradition requests.

It further said that the extradition process is governed by relevant treaties and is not used to 'trade' prisoners.

Haqqani was accused of sending a memo in 2011 that mentioned of a possible army coup in Pakistan, following the United States-conducted raid in Abbottabad to kill Laden.

A case was registered against him in the Supreme Court. Following this Haqqani resigned and left Pakistan while the hearing was underway. Arrest warrants had been issued against him. (ANI)