An image of Japan data center. Photo/ANI
An image of Japan data center. Photo/ANI

NTT communications introduces data center in Osaka

ANI | Updated: Dec 24, 2019 21:20 IST

Osaka [Japan], Dec 24 (ANI): NTT Communications, one of the leading companies in data utilization business with Smart Data Platform, provides all functionality needed for enterprise digital transformation with data and it has recently revealed to the media its new centre "Osaka 7th Data Center."
NTT Communications will expand its data centre capacity in Osaka, which is located in Ibaraki and is accessible from the Kyoto-Hanshin area.
Osaka 7DC has various characteristics. At the entrance, all the visitor goes through the latest biometric security check.
The server room is the largest room comparing with another centre in the Kansai region of Japan. Moreover, air-conditioning in the server room uses a cooling, wall-ejecting method that allows server equipment to be in the best state.
"NTT Communication provides 'NTT data center, NTT next center' with service supported as a smart platform to help customers take advantage of their data. The Osaka 7DC is available to install up to 4,200 racks, and our customers are wholesale companies and retail companies targeted at major cloud offering. We are looking to expand to support data utilization," said NTT Communication's Masayuki Hayashi.
Moreover, Osaka7DC has a plan to build a system to deal with natural disasters.
The earthquake-resistant building which has base-isolated structure allows for safe operation while reducing the impact of the earthquake on building and customer equipment.
Takahiro Wada of NTT Communication said: "NTT Communication has established a large data centre in Jakarta and Cyber Jaya Malaysia. Asia provides data center service in most of our major cities."
"We also need to expand capacity to ensure that we can contribute to our business. I would also like to expand it to Vietnam, where there are no projects. We want to provide a service that is more accurate to our customers in Asia," Wada added.
NTT's latest technology connects companies around the world and contributes to much business through data centers. (ANI)