Flagship hotel Okura, Tokyo
Flagship hotel Okura, Tokyo

Okura to launch new flagship hotel in Tokyo

ANI | Updated: Jul 04, 2018 14:22 IST

Tokyo [Japan], July 4 (ANI): Hotel Okura announced that its flagship Tokyo property will reopen in early September 2019, replacing the highly-reputable but aging Hotel Okura Tokyo with The Okura Tokyo.
The new facility will begin operations in time for the 2020 Summer Olympics. It will be rebranded as The Okura Tokyo, renewing the latest facilities and functions while inheriting traditional beauty of Japan found in the old building.
"We would like to leave facilities intact that have been loved and well received by many customers. In addition, I think that it is of course important for hotels to provide good services and products as business. However, for replacements this time, I always believe that it is more important to consider safety and security of guests in terms of environment. It is obviously one of the reasons for deciding to rebuild the hotel." Toshihiro Ogita, president of Hotel Okura, said.
It should be noted that Tohoku earthquake in 2011 was one of the reasons that lead to the rebuilding of the property. I
In order to ensure safety and security, improved seismic and vibration control was to be installed immediately. Expecting an increase in the number of international guests visiting for 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games and considering the aging building, the hotel underwent renovation.
Toshihiro further added that despite the hotel being recognized as a Japan-based brand, they aim to make Okura hotel a 'national flagship hotel'.
"We have been actively involved in overseas businesses for past few years. Our service concept is based on Japanese hospitality such as providing good services and foods for guests and to be loved by many visitors from each hotel's local area. Although the hotel has originally Japan-based brand, we would like to aim that Okura hotel is recognized as national flagship hotel in the future," said Ogita.
The traditional Japanese beauty and cherished simplicity of The Okura are aimed to be maintained which will offer a new combination of "traditional luxury" and "contemporary luxury."
The traditional hospitality that has reflected in the services will continue to be protected and passed onto next generations, as a part of renewing and expanding hospitality services.
It is learnt that the refurbishment of the new wing of Hotel Okura is progressing well. There is just a year left until new main building "The Okura Tokyo" will be completed.(ANI)