Pak music app Patari's CEO resigns over sexual harassment claims

ANI | Updated: Apr 11, 2018 19:01 IST

Islamabad [Pakistan], Apr 11 (ANI): Pakistan's largest music streaming platform Patari's Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Khalid Bajwa has decided to step down from the post following sexual harassment allegations levelled against him by two women.

"In light of recent developments, Patari CEO Khalid Bajwa will be stepping down from his post with immediate effect. An investigation had already been underway about prior allegations," Patari said in its official statement.

"As a company, we are deeply saddened that it must come to this. This is a difficult decision but Patari stands with the victims of harassment and will do everything in its power to ensure that it stands by them," the statement added.

According to a woman, Bajwa always "graced her with unwelcome hugs." She also mentioned that she felt "uncomfortable and overpowered" by being hugged by someone who is twice her age.

After Bajwa resigned, she expressed happiness over the decision taken by Patari, saying, "I am overwhelmed and amazed at all the love and support. Received very little backlash. What a time to be alive. I regret not opening up about this earlier. Look what happened, girls! So so proud and happy."

Another woman came forward, saying, "Okay, I've had enough of this Khalid Bajwa bullshit. I always knew that I wasn't the only one who he made so f***ing uncomfortable and I have no f***ing idea why I didn't expose him but here I go."

"He is a paedophile a f***ing sexual predator. He used to force me to meet him literally. He would make plans that he'd pick me up from my college and take me to his office and bring Nutella crepes and I have no f***ing idea what not. I always used to make one excuse after another," she added.

After the allegations came to light, many women started sharing screenshots of the explicit texts sent by Bajwa on social media.

Patari, the Pakistani music streaming service, was founded in February 2015. (ANI)