Ajay Sahni, the Executive Director of the Institute for Conflict Management in New Delhi
Ajay Sahni, the Executive Director of the Institute for Conflict Management in New Delhi

Pak seeks to mobilise terrorists through Kartarpur Corridor, say experts

ANI | Updated: Jul 08, 2019 20:33 IST

New Delhi [India], July 8 (ANI): Pakistan will use the proposed Kartarpur corridor to revive its nefarious designs of subverting peace and harmony in India by promoting Khalistan secessionist movement, experts have said.
Reacting to an intelligence report that has exposed Pakistan of using 'Jathas' or Sikh religious groups, to perpetuate a pro-Khalistan sentiment in India, experts have stressed on the fact that Pakistan, despite its repeated failures has relentlessly targeted the Sikh community across the globe to launch its diabolic missions and will now also exploit this holy place.
Ajay Sahni, the Executive Director of the Institute for Conflict Management in New Delhi, asserted that Pakistan has no sympathy for the religious sentiments of the Sikhs and the country will use Kartarpur corridor to accomplish its agendas.
"Kartarpur is not being taken by Pakistan as an effort to actually do something good for the Sikhs. It has been taken up by Pakistan as an instrument for extremist and terrorist mobilisation. They hope that large numbers of people will crossover from Pakistan and they will be able to at least recruit or mobilise a few of them for their designs," Sahni said.
The expert further accused Pakistan's spy agency, the ISI, of constantly hatching plots against New Delhi by adding that Sikh-welfare was never in the priority list of Islamabad.
Sahni added, "The Kartarpur corridor, from the Pakistani side, is a very opportunistic effort. It is not concerned with the Sikh welfare or Sikh interests. If you see the conditions of Sikhs in Pakistan, it is terrible. Every now and then you have one or two Sikhs being killed off by Islamist extremists over there. No action is taken and nothing is done to give them justice."
Speaking on similar lines, Raj Kumar Verka, a Congress spokesperson from Punjab, also said that Pakistan was using Sikh sentiments to materialise its break-India policy.
"Pakistan wants to take undue advantage of this Kartarpur Corridor. It wants to carry out anti-India activities that we will not tolerate. The Chief Minister of Punjab has already warned Pakistan regarding this and anybody who will dare do such activities will be punished," Verka told ANI.
Minorities in Pakistan are being ill-treated since decades and the establishment has done nothing to control it.
"If they are concerned about Sikh welfare, then they would take care of their own Sikh community first. The purpose basically over here is that significant people would come here from India and they would be able to, from time to time, recruit the odd person, and incite the odd person to do mischief on the Indian side," Sahni said.
"Although they have not secured many people in the past, the Pakistani orientation is quite relentless and they are just hoping that some people will be mobilised by them and recruited by them against the Indian interest," he added.
Pakistan's conspiracy to revive dead secessionist movement of Khalistan was exposed when 24-year-old Sukhwinder Singh Sidhu was arrested from Faridkot last month on charges of spying for the Pakistani intelligence since February 2016.
According to sources, Pakistan is blatantly misusing the visit of four annual Sikh Jathas from India to Pakistan under the Bilateral Protocol of Visits to Religious Shrines, 1974. (ANI)