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Pakistan: Capital police, Frontier Constabulary fight over accommodation

ANI | Updated: Feb 04, 2023 23:26 IST

Islamabad [Pakistan], February 4 (ANI): Officials of the capital police and Frontier Constabulary (FC) in Islamabad, ended up in a fight at a police station over an issue related to accommodation, Pakistan's Dawn newspaper reported.
According to police, the incident took place inside the premises of the Secretariat, located in the Red Zone where the officials, some of them armed, thrashed each other over the issue of accommodation. The incident took place due to poor management of senior officers, who brought the two forces face to face, which resulted in a physical confrontation, police officers said, Dawn newspaper reported.
Accommodation to FC's platoons comprising 1,000 officials, was earlier given at an open area adjacent to a mosque at Secretariat Chowk. It was later decided that the platoons must be moved from an open place to a covered safe place, amid the prevailing situation and terrorism in the capital's I-10 sector and Peshawar Police Lines.
According to Dawn, barracks inside the premises of the Secretariat police station were selected for FC's platoons, despite it being crowded as a number of policemen were already residing there, police officials said, adding that FC platoons were asked to move to the police station.
The FC personnel on reaching the barracks asked the police officials residing there to vacate them. The policemen, however, refused to vacate the barracks as there was no order or intimation given to them in this regard.

Police officials, after an argument, sought some time to pack their belongings and make arrangements to shift to another place but the FC personnel lost their temper and started throwing their belongings outside, which annoyed them.
Harsh words were therefore exchanged between them and shortly after, it turned into a fist fight, the officers said.
Staff of the police station rushed towards them and made an effort to separate them, but some of the personnel from both sides threatened their opponents by showing off weapons, the officers said, adding that senior officers were also informed about the issue, and asked to reach the police station immediately, according to Dawn report.
The Dawn report said that the superintendent of police (SP), in response, arrived at the police station and disarmed the personnel. Later the policemen were asked to move from the barracks. The SP was able to patch things up between both parties.
When contacted, a public relations officer (PRO) for the capital police said that the issue had been resolved. (ANI)