Pakistan exposed as terror promoting state in Geneva

ANI | Updated: Sep 21, 2017 07:34 IST

Geneva [Switzerland], Sept 21 (ANI): A series of protests and events were held in Geneva by activists from Balochistan, Sindh and Pakistan occupied-Kashmir during the ongoing 36th Session of United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) to expose Islamabad as a terror promoting state.

The Baloch Republican Party (BRP) carried out a rally from Rive to United Nations office in Geneva to highlight the gross human rights violations in Balochistan. They chanted anti-Pakistan and anti-China slogans during the march.

The Baloch activists accused Pakistan for harboring terror and on the other hand approaching the Swiss government to listen to the woes of oppressed people in protesting in Geneva.

Recently, Pakistan protested with Swiss government over 'Free Balochistan' being advertised in Switzerland.

"This is the same message that we have been giving for so long. Yesterday we held a protest outside UN offices here in Geneva. Today, it was an awareness rally, we carried out from the center of Geneva city to the UN offices here and the message was very clear that we wanted the attention of international community and the UNHRC towards the ongoing human rights violations that are taking place in Balochistan everyday and the atrocities that Pakistan is committing on daily basis," Abdul Nawaz Bugti, activist, Baloch Republican Party, told ANI.

"We have also spoken inside the UNSC session. I myself have spoken on the current situation in Pakistan specially on the Baloch women and children who are being targeted to blackmail Baloch activists here and in European countries. Pakistan forces are targeting their families and are killing them. There are cases when women have been kept in detention for months.

We wanted to attract international community's attention on these crime against humanities," he added.

He said the Baloch people call on the international community to take immediate and effective measures to stop the ongoing human rights violation in the Balochistan.

Spokesperson of Baloch Republican Party Sher Mohammad Bugti said they are trying to alert the the International community about the terror factories running in Pakistan and about the support they are receiving there.

He accused Pakistan of deploying terrorists to act as barrier in peace and security of the world.

He also questioned Pakistan's double standard and said that Islamabad on one side takes funds and aid from the west but raises terrorists from those funds and deploys them in Western countries to disturb the peace and security of the region.

“Baloch political activists have displayed and advertised the poster titled ‘Free Balochistan’ in the streets of Geneva during the ongoing  session of UNHRC which has annoyed the Pakistani establishment, the military and the intelligence agencies and reacting to this, Pakistan protested against the Swiss government  called it as an act of supporting terrorism,” said Hammal Haider, Leader, Baloch National Movement (BNM).

“After brutal suppression of baloch voice, I see this Pakistan action as an attempt to suppress baloch struggle internationally,” he added.

He said the the purpose of this is to prevent baloch political activists living in different countries from raising their voices against ongoing genocide being committed by Pakistan army in Balochistan.

“In last two years, pakistan military has abducted and killed thousands of baloch political activist in Balochistan. The only way for baloch political activits is the international platforms where we are able to raise our voice and demand our right of self determination but Pakistan is going against the democratic principles and pressurizing international community to prevent baloch from using their rights to freedom of expression,” Haider said. (ANI)