MQM founder leader Altaf Hussain (file photo)
MQM founder leader Altaf Hussain (file photo)

Pakistan is just ‘Punjabistan’: MQM leader Altaf Hussain

ANI | Updated: Mar 04, 2019 22:40 IST

London [UK], Mar 4 (ANI): Quoting Pakistan’s federal information minister Fawad Chaudhry, MQM founder leader Altaf Hussain stated that war only inflicts damages to Punjabis on either side.
In a live address on social media, Hussain went on to say that Pakistan is in fact “Punjabistan” and for Punjabistan, lives of Mohajir, Pashtun, Sindhi, Baloch and other oppressed nations do not matter at all. Hence, these oppressed nations have to take measures for their survival, he stated.
“None other than Pakistan military created world top terrorist organisations like Al-Qaeda, Jaish-e-Mohammed, Lashkar-e Tayba, Harkat Al Mujahideen, Harkat Al Ansar, Jamat Ud Dawa, Tehreek-e Labbayk Pakistan and many similar other terrorist networks,” the MQM founder claimed.
Mohajirs, Pashtuns, Balochs and Sindhis have to establish whether they are considered as Pakistani citizens or not and whether are they enjoying equal rights or not. Since the question is of the survival of Punjabis alone then why other oppressed nations in Pakistan should sacrifice and die for the country that does not belong to them,” a statement issued by Hussain noted.
He also said that Mohajirs created Pakistan after laying more than 2 million lives. “They fought for the defence of the country in 1971 while laying further 1 million lives and still they are not considered as Pakistanis. Millions of Mohajirs are living in camps of Red Cross in Bangladesh but Pakistan has since 1971 been refusing to take them back to Pakistan. Pakistan army always treated them as aliens and inflicted deadliest crackdowns against them especially since 1992 till date.”
However, during current tense situation between Pakistan and India, Mohajirs have once again started supporting the demonic military of Pakistan while ignoring what the demonic military has always done to them, Hussain put forth in his address. “This typical behaviour of Mohajirs would keep them slaves of the demonic military of Pakistan,” Hussain said.
He asked Balochs and Pashtuns as to how long they would “keep supporting the ghoulish military of Pakistan as the later has always exploited them and used every means to crush them.” The military used Pashtuns in every war against India since 1948 and butchering Balochs and have occupied their land on gunpoint, the MQM leader noted.
“He also asked Sindhis to wake up and recognize their enemy, the demonic military of Pakistan and that they should realize that their usurped rights could only be retrieved with the struggle against the military. Eminent Sindhi freedom fighter G. M. Syed had in his life said that Mohajirs are not enemies of Sindhis and they should treat Mohajirs as their friends,” the statement outlined.
Hussain labelled the Pakistan military as a “liar” and its press and public relations wing, the ISPR as “the house of lies”, calling the DG ISPR, Major General Asif Ghafoor, a “liar” as well.
“The DG had claimed that during the recent clash, the Pakistani Air Force had shot down two of Indian Air Force jets and captured two Indian pilots but after a few hours, he came with another claim that Pakistan had only captured one Indian pilot. The military of Pakistan is a pack of professional liars and they had done the same in 1971. They used to tell the people of Pakistan that Pakistan military was making advancements in Bangladesh against Mukti Bahini and Indian troops but the fact was that they were retreating and nearing defeat,” Hussain highlighted.
It is open to the outer world that Pakistan has terror sanctuaries on its soil and the JeM which took responsibility for the Pulwama terror attack has its headquarters in Pakistan, he said.
The MQM leader also stated that the Pakistani foreign minister, Shah Mahmood Qureshi, confessed that JeM kingpin Maulana Masood Azhar is in Pakistan but is seriously ill, “which is tantamount to providing a cover and safe shelter to the terrorist”.
“Today when the ghoulish military of Pakistan is being criticised and questioned for creating terrorist networks, they are compelling the masses to produce rallies in their favour. Why the people should produce such supportive rallies” he questioned.
He also condemned Pakistani authorities for placing Pashtun Tahafuz Movement (PTM) leader Manzoor Pashteen under the Exit Control List or the no-fly list. (ANI)