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Pakistan Interior Minister Sheikh Rasheed
Pakistan Interior Minister Sheikh Rasheed

Pakistan minister blames remnants of groups defeated by Taliban for creating 'atmosphere of terror'

ANI | Updated: Jan 22, 2022 22:28 IST

Islamabad [Pakistan], January 22 (ANI): Pakistan Interior Minister Sheikh Rasheed on Saturday blamed "small remnants of groups" defeated by the Taliban for creating an "atmosphere of terror" in Pakistan.
He also dragged India and Afghanistan into the matter, a regular ploy by Pakistani ministers to run away from the burning issues of internal security of the country so that the common people could not question them for the security failure of the state.
"Small remnant groups left over after the Taliban defeated the NDS (National Directorate of Security was the national intelligence and security service of Afghanistan), RAW (Research and Analysis Wing, the foreign intelligence agency of India), and 42 international forces that were fighting in Afghanistan, wish to create an atmosphere of terror in Pakistan," the interior minister said, during a media briefing, reported Geo News.
Rasheed said that his ministry has put the armed forces and inspector generals of police on high alert due to the rising cases of terrorism in Pakistan.
Notably, an unidentified man placed high-intensity explosives weighing between one and 1.5 kilograms in Lahore's Anarkali area which caused Thursday's blast leading to the death of three people and injuring 26, reported local media.
Pakistan's opposition senators on Friday sought an explanation from Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed over the recent terrorist incidents in the country, including the blast in Lahore.
According to a notification issued by the Ministry of Interior earlier, law enforcement agencies (LEAs) have been directed to exercise "extreme vigilance" after the recent terror incidents in the country, reported Geo News.
The minister said that no talks have been held with Islamic State (IS), adding that Baloch Nationalist Army (BNA) is a "small group."
He recalled that on January 18, two terrorists were killed in Islamabad in a gun attack on Islamabad police, which the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan later claimed responsibility for.
Pakistan's Prime Minister Imran Khan publicly took the position that a political settlement was the only way to end Pakistan's war with the TTP.
Initial negotiations between the TTP and Pakistan, which took place in Afghanistan, made some headway.
A short cease-fire was announced in early November, with reports that Pakistan had committed to the release of over 100 TTP prisoners, including some high-profile leaders that were in detention in Pakistan.
"We have found our way to six members of the banned outfit after the terrorists were killed in Islamabad," he said, adding that he is not aware whether BNA has claimed the responsibility of the Lahore incident or not, reported Geo News.
He said that rumours regarding the imposition of a presidential system and emergency are spreading; however, no such proposal has been laid before the cabinet.
"We are ready to fight terrorism and are already investigating a suspect for his alleged involvement in the Lahore blast," Rasheed said. (ANI)