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Pakistan: Protest against land mafia eyeing Christians' houses in Korangi

ANI | Updated: Feb 02, 2022 20:55 IST

Karachi [Pakistan], February 2 (ANI): Hundreds of people from the Christian community gathered outside Karachi Press Club in Pakistan to protest against the land mafias who are driving them out from their properties, houses and land, in Korangi city.
Christians and other minorities in Pakistan are facing atrocities at the hands of Muslims and the government authorities.
Quoting a church elder, Dawn reported that some gangsters threw away all the belongings of Christian people from their houses.
"I'm a salesman. I was at my shop at around 6 pm when I got a call from my neighbour Abid to inform me that some gangsters had arrived at my place and that they were throwing away all our belongings. I rushed back home to find my little family trembling outside under the open sky. They had been slapped around and threatened. The house door was padlocked by the gangsters, who said that they had a court order to vacate our house," Amir Pervaiz, the church elder said.

Sakina Lal, a Christian woman and a resident of 20 years in the same area, said she is being threatened and harassed too.
While, a young Christian mother of three little girls and one son expressed fear for her children.
"Whatever they do or say to us, we can still handle. But what we cannot deal with is when our children have to witness it all. They cry, they can't sleep. They beg us to leave the place, go somewhere safe. But where are we to go? This is our home," she said, according to Dawn.
Christians have historically been mistreated, marginalised, and attacked in Pakistan.
Recently, a Christian priest was slain and another was wounded by gunmen on a motorcycle as they drove home from church in Peshawar, Pakistan's northwest, police authorities said on Sunday, reported the DW News. (ANI)