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Pakistan reiterates its pledge to fence Durand Line amid tensions with Taliban

ANI | Updated: Jan 16, 2022 03:10 IST

Kabul [Afghanistan], January 16 (ANI): Pakistan on Saturday reiterated its pledge to fence the Durand Line amid tensions with the Taliban.
Pakistan's interior minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmad said that around 2,600 km of the Durand Line has been fenced, reported Tolo News.
"The fencing extends to around 2,600 km. Only 21 km fencing remains. The rest of the fencing will be done in a way that satisfies the Islamic Emirate. They (Kabul Authorities) are our brothers," he said.
Meanwhile, the Islamic Emirate said that it is willing to resolve the issue via negotiations, reported Tolo News.
"The Islamic Emirate wants all issues to be solved via negotiations, especially the issue of lines (Durand Line) we are ready for talks in this regard," said Inamullah Samangani, deputy spokesman for the Islamic Emirate.

The developments come amid Afghanistan's ambassador to Islamabad called the Durand Line a national issue, saying that the decision over its fate should be referred to the nation.
A video on social media appears to show Islamic Emirate forces destroying fencing built by the Pakistani military along the Durand Line, reported Tolo News.
The force members on the video warned the Pakistani military to stop building fences or they will face dangerous consequences.
"If the Islamic Emirate agrees to fencing, indeed it means the recognition of the line (Durand Line)," said Sayed Javad Husseini, leader of Hezb-e-Tawsa Wa Adalat.
The Durand Line has been a controversial issue between the two neighbouring countries for a long time.
Despite the opposition of previous Afghan governments to fencing on the Durand Line, the Pakistani officials said that 94 per cent of fencing has been finished, reported Tolo News. (ANI)