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Sindhu Hindu girl Nimrita Chandani
Sindhu Hindu girl Nimrita Chandani

Pakistan: Sindh Police arrests 2 suspect in murder of Hindu girl Namrita

ANI | Updated: Sep 22, 2019 01:35 IST

Larkana [Pakistan], Sept 22 (ANI): Sindh Police has arrested two suspects in the murder case of Sindhi Hindu girl, Namrita Chandani.
According to Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Larkana, the suspects were close friends and classmates of Namrita, reported ARY news. The suspect has been identified as Ali Shan Memon and Mehran Abro. The police is interrogating them.
First-year medical student, Namrita, who belonged to Ghotki town where a Hindu temple was ransacked recently, was found lying on a charpoy on September 17 with a piece of cloth tied to her neck while her room was locked from inside.
Sources to the ARY news have said that Mehran Abro was using Namrita's credit card.
Her family has demanded a thorough probe into the matter. Namrita's brother, Vishal, who is a medical consultant, said that the preliminary checkup showed that she was murdered.
"It was not a suicide, suicide marks are different, I found cable marks around her neck. There are marks on her hand too. The marks are of cable but her friend had said that she found her with dupatta around her neck," Vishal said.
On being asked whether Namrita was facing some problems, her brother said, "No there was nothing like that, I myself had talked with her two days back. She was a brilliant student."
He demanded that the case must be investigated fairly and citizens should extend support the family in order to get justice.
The mystery around the murder of Namrita has raised suspicions with people questioning whether it was a case of forced conversion.
Massive protests took place in Karachi against the murder of the minority Hindu girl, Namrita.

Voicing their anger against Imran Khan-led government, the protestors demanded justice for Namrita. (ANI)