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Visual of a flag waved by protesting farmers at Red Fort on January 26. (Photo/ANI)
Visual of a flag waved by protesting farmers at Red Fort on January 26. (Photo/ANI)

Pakistan-sponsored elements and Khalistan sympathisers actively involved in farmers' protest

ANI | Updated: Jan 29, 2021 08:42 IST

New Delhi [India], January 29 (ANI): The farmers' tractor rally in New Delhi on January 26 turned ugly exposing the involvement of rogue elements sponsored by Pakistan and so-called sympathisers of the Khalistan movement.
Before the rally was held, intelligence agencies had sounded an alarm about the possibility of external elements hijacking it and violence breaking out.
Despite strong inputs, the government allowed the farmers to express their dissent as it was their democratic right. The farmer groups had assured the government that the rally would be peaceful. But it didn't happen.
The farmers were unaware of the fact that they were playing into the hands of stooges controlled by the Pakistan spy agency ISI and the ones associated with the so-called Khalistan movement.
On January 26 when farmers assembled around Red Fort, members of Khalistani separatist groups staged a protest outside the Indian embassy in Washington DC.
The protest was hosted by Sikh DMV Youth and Sangat. Only a handful of people participated in the demonstration.
The protesters claimed that they had assembled to support the farmers protesting in New Delhi. Many in the mob held so-called 'Khalistan' flags and raised slogans.
On the other hand, more than 400 twitter handles run from Pakistan had become active to add fuel to the fire. It appeared that the adversaries were trying their best to set New Delhi on fire by using the farmers, who were unaware of the developments that were taking place around them.
However, Delhi Police displayed exemplary restraint and prevented the situation from going out of control.
Of late, Khalistani separatist groups have been in touch with the militant outfits in Kashmir. The link has been clearly visible and so has been the Pakistan angle. The emergence of Prime Minister Narendra Modi as a strong leader has rattled the enemies of India as the "New India" is entirely different from the one that existed till 2014. The country has got a strong Prime Minister who is not afraid of taking bold decisions.
Farmers' protest is an internal matter of India as they are no outsiders. They are our own people but the adversaries of our country have nefarious designs. Their plans have been foiled in the past and in future also all their evil schemes will be thwarted.
Protests by farmers are slowly fading out. But the big question is that can the nexus between Khalistani separatists, Kashmiri militant outfits and Pakistan be overlooked?
Pakistan is aware of the fact that it cannot fight a conventional war with India as its Army cannot match the skill and strength of the Indian Army. It has only one option that's fighting a proxy war.
First it triggered violence in Punjab but had to face defeat as terrorism was wiped out within a few years. In 1990 it launched another proxy war in Kashmir and that too it has lost. The militants whom it had sent to Kashmir are resting in their graves and the advocates of Pakistan in Kashmir have been cut to size.
The Pakistani spy agency ISI has been left with a few options as nothing has worked out for it. After the farmers' protest broke out, the elements backed by the ISI left no stone unturned to make it a major event. But their attempts have not yielded any results as the Government of India has not allowed these mischievous elements to spread their wings.
But the disturbance during the tractor rally in New Delhi is an alarm bell. It cannot be brushed aside. It's a signal that external elements and their agents are working overtime to once again create trouble in Punjab as Khalistan slogan has reappeared. This needs to be checked and the involvement of Kashmiri militant outfits has to be investigated.
Pakistani media taking keen interest in the farmers' protest is an indication that our rogue neighbour is trying to play an active role.
Reporting on the farmers' protest in New Delhi a Pakistani daily wrote: "Convinced of his invincibility and riding an unchallenged authoritarian streak, Prime Minister Narendra Modi may have overplayed his hand with India's livid farmers who staged a huge 'tractor rally' in New Delhi."
If one puts the pieces together it becomes clear that many forces have joined hands to fight Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who has proved his mettle by remaining undeterred on his resolve to build a "New India" devoid of the people who preach separatism and sedition in the name of Khalistan or Kashmir. (ANI)