Pakistan's outcry over Kashmir is laughable: 'Free Karachi' activist

ANI | Updated: Apr 03, 2018 09:22 IST

Washington DC [United States], Apr. 03 (ANI): The Free Karachi campaign spokesperson and former Convener of Pakistan's political party Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) Nadeem Nusrat has said that while human rights violation in any part of the world including Kashmir deserve utter condemnation, the outcry of Pakistani government, media and its army chief over Kashmir is laughable.

Nadeem underscored that with Pakistan's own record of human rights violations, its support for Kashmir will only hurt the Kashmiri peoples' cause.

"With Pakistan's own shameful domestic record of blatant human rights violations against Mohajirs, Balochs, Pashtoons, Hazaras, Gilgitis, Baltistanis, Shias, Christians, Hindus and Ahmadis, Pakistan's support for Kashmir will only hurt the Kashmiri peoples' cause," Nadeem said in a statement.

"The Pakistani military establishment may not like this, but the reality is that Pakistani government and its intelligence agencies' reckless support for the Kashmir issue has greatly damaged Kashmiri peoples' cause internationally," Nadeem added.

Nadeem Nusrat said what makes Pakistani state forces' actions even more deplorable is the fact that Indian security forces are engaged against separatist forces in Kashmir, whereas people of Karachi and KPK have never demanded separation from Pakistan, yet they are facing one inhuman operation after another.

"Pakistani deep state has also routinely used the issue to divert attention from its domestic blunders and interference into politics. The reason why the Kashmir issue has suddenly been raised once again is clearly an attempt to divert the world's attention from a rising Free Karachi campaign as well as growing Pashtoon and Baloch uprising in Pakistan." the statement added. (ANI)