Power Assist suits designed by Panasonic for 2020 Tokyo Olympics
Power Assist suits designed by Panasonic for 2020 Tokyo Olympics

Panasonic designs Power Assist suits for power-lifters in 2020 Tokyo Olympics

ANI | Updated: Oct 03, 2019 22:22 IST

Tokyo [Japan], Oct 3 (ANI): The Tokyo International Forum hosted a test event for para-powerlifting as part of preparations for 2020 Olympic and Paralympics games.
The spotter/loader personnel wore Panasonic's Power Assist suits who were tasked with moving weights and spotting lifters during the competition.
Eri Yamamoto won the gold medal in power-lifting.
"I lifted 63 kg and took the gold medal. But my aim today was to lift 65 kg. I didn't meet my expectations. I am looking forward to the Olympics next year. After taking part in the recent event, I am determined to be part of the Paralympic Games that will be held next year," Yamamoto said.
The Japanese Para Power-lifting Federation and Panasonic have worked on adjusting the Power Assist Suits to fit the needs of the spotters in the tournament.
"The first version of the Power Assist Suit was heavy and the motor would make a louder noise if twisted. Panasonic was quick to make improvements on the suit by making it lighter and not noisy. The spotters think that the Power Assist Suit helps a lot," said Susumu Yoshida, the President of the Japanese Para Powerlifting Federation.
The Power Assist suit decreases the burden of the spotters and helps tournaments to run smoothly.
"I hope many people will join the Paralympic games. Now, the question is what technology can we use to achieve full reserved seats at the games. If we can show robot technology as a way to bring people to the games it would be wonderful," said Takahiro Kurokawa from Panasonic Corporation. (ANI)