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Pension Camp makes life easier for Bharatiya Gorkha Sainik in Western Nepal

ANI | Updated: Aug 30, 2020 22:25 IST

Palpa [Nepal], August 30 (ANI): Bidur Bahadur Thapa is a retired Bharatiya Gorkha Sainik who now is spending his time by engaging in agricultural business. Before Seven years, the scenario for him was different, he had to go to Gorakhpur in every three months to receive a pension but now it has been solved.
"The establishment of Pension Camp here in Tansen made it easier for us. Because of which I am able to start my business and take very good care. My plants at that time use to receive less attention, been over 7 years that I have been able to focus entirely on them and the produces are good," Thapa said.
"We use to face a lot of problems while returning to Nepal. We had to go to Kurahghat of Gorakhpur to receive a pension. In every three or six months, we use to travel back and forth which also increased our expenses. The incurring expenses of going and returning back from Gorakhpur also decreased with increased saving," Thapa added.

Not only Thapa, but other retired Bharatiya Gorkha Sainik of Palpa benefit from pension camp which now is in their own district and State Bank of India has been handling their transactions.
"Receiving pension from our own territory makes us feel secure. Traveling back and forth Gorakhpur sometimes might not be possible as we were growing old and we also fear for the wealth which we bring along with," Tara Bahadur Rana, another retired Bharatiya Gorkha Sainik claimed.
Palpa, the Hilly District of Nepal is home to about One Thousand Bharatiya Sainik who receive a pension from the Pension Camp in Tansen, the district headquarter.
The former Gorkha soldiers in the Western District of Palpa had been employed with the Indian Army for over 35 years and with the pensions received from the Indian side, they are able to go on with their daily needs and working out on their own economic sector of development. (ANI)