Prime Minister Narendra Modi
Prime Minister Narendra Modi

PM Modi happy over Netherlands joining ISA

ANI | Updated: May 24, 2018 17:34 IST

New Delhi [India], May 24 (ANI): Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday expressed his happiness over The Netherlands joining the International Solar Alliance (ISA).
As per official website of The International Solar Alliance, it is to provide a dedicated platform for cooperation among solar resource rich countries where the global community, including bilateral and multilateral organizations, corporate, industry, and other stakeholders, can make a positive contribution to assist and help achieve the common goals of increasing the use of solar energy in meeting energy needs of prospective ISA member countries in a safe, convenient, affordable, equitable and sustainable manner.
Prime Minister Modi said this decision by The Netherlands to join the ISA will add a new chapter to Indo-Netherlands bilateral relations.
"India and Netherlands have shared close relations in the United Nations Security Council and also with respect to multilateral exports. The ISA will add a new chapter" Prime Minister Modi added.
He further informed that both India and Netherlands have conducted three bilateral summits starting from 2015, when Prime Minister Rutt visited India for the first time followed by Prime Minister Modi's visit to The Netherlands in 2017, and now in 2018.
Prime Minister Modi said "We reviewed the progress in our bilateral relations, shared our view on both regional and global developments and further met the top CEO's of both countries."
The Netherlands has advanced technology for energy production and "has gained immense experience in the field of energy and the entire world must be benefited by them", he added.
"India's is the fifth highest foreign direct investor in the Netherlands is moving towards to rise to the third highest position with respect to the same" and continued saying that several Dutch companies have been operating in India since years, Prime Minister said.
Prime Minister Modi said "The Netherlands has proven to be an attractive destination for the Indian investors as he reiterated the relevance of agro-processing sectors in the process of developing the Indian economy "which will help to double the farmers' income."
He said, "During Indian World Tour, The Netherlands participated as a 'focused country'. I further expect it to participate in a similar tour in 2019".
Prime Minister Modi further informed that the first-ever Indo-Dutch Excellence Center has been built in Varanasi to help to create advanced technologies for producing vegetables.
The Netherlands will be participating as a partner country in the India Tech Summit 2019, he informed.
Prime Minister Modi concluded his opening remarks by expressing his gratitude towards The Netherlands government for helping multiple Indians to evacuate from the deadly September 2017 Irma Hurricane that claimed the lives of at least 24 people. (ANI)