Bangladesh Foreign Minister AK Abdul Momen speaking to ANI on Friday
Bangladesh Foreign Minister AK Abdul Momen speaking to ANI on Friday

With timely delivery of vaccines, PM Modi has won hearts, minds of Bangladeshis: FM Momen

By Sahil Pandey | Updated: Mar 26, 2021 17:05 IST

Dhaka [Bangladesh], March 26 (ANI): With the delivery of vaccines to the country, Bangladesh's Foreign minister AK Abdul Momen on Friday said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has won the hearts and minds of the people.
"We were worried that we are a densely populated country, so we negotiated with India that if you have developed any vaccine, then please share those with us. PM Modi assured our Prime Minister that if India gets the vaccine then Bangladesh will get them at the same time. He kept his word and with this, he has won the minds and heart of the people," Momen told ANI here.
The Bangladeshi Foreign Minister also revealed that PM Modi as a gesture of goodwill is giving 1.2 million vaccines as a gift and the country welcomes it.
"Initially, we asked India that we need 30 million vaccines and India agreed to it. India also donated 2 million vaccines and again Prime Minister Modi as a gesture of goodwill on the 50th anniversary of the independence and the 100th anniversary of our father of the nation, he is giving 1.2 million vaccines as a gift and we welcome it. He also assured us that a contract that we have made then will be met on time. We would like to buy additional five million vaccines each month," he added.
Momen also gave full credit to India for its vaccine diplomacy and said that Prime Minister Modi has taken leadership in fighting COVID-19.
"India did a great job and got lots of points for the vaccine diplomacy. There are many pandits abroad who predicted that 5-10 million people will die in Bangladesh due to the spread of COVID-19, so naturally we took all the necessary initiatives. The Indian PM on March 15 called all the leaders of the SAARC countries and came forward to help together because this is a global pandemic. Since it is a global issue, so we have worked together in partnership and collaboration and the Indian prime minister took leadership to join the program. Additionally, our Prime Minister made a call to all the leaders of the world that any vaccine, if developed, should be considered for the public good and be made available for all countries," Momen said.
Earlier in the day, Prime Minister Modi thanked Bangladesh premier Sheikh Hasina for personally receiving him at the Dhaka airport on his arrival in the country on a two-day visit.
"Landed in Dhaka. I thank PM Sheikh Hasina for the special welcome at the airport. This visit will contribute to even stronger bilateral relations between our nations," PM Modi tweeted, sharing a photo of the Bangladesh Prime Minister welcoming him at the airport. (ANI)