Prime Minister Narendra Modi
Prime Minister Narendra Modi

PM Modi highlights ASEAN's role in establishing peace, security

ANI | Updated: Jun 01, 2018 22:52 IST

Singapore [Singapore], June 1 (ANI): Prime Minister Narendra Modi called the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) bloc as "architecture of peace and security in the region" and an "example and inspiration" for international cooperation.
He noted that none of the nations could develop on their own and thus called them to work together while addressing a keynote at the Shangri-La hotel in Singapore.
"This is a world of inter-dependent fortunes and failures. No nation can shape and secure it on its own. It is a world that summons us to rise above divisions and competition to work together. Is that possible? Yes, it is possible. I see ASEAN as an example and inspiration" Prime Minister Modi said.
Prime Minister Modi noted that the Southeast Asian region has maritime and territorial, political, defence, and economic ties with India.
"We have become strategic partners of ASEAN in 25 years," Prime Minister Modi said.
Further, referring to the significance of Indo-Pacific region, he said India stands for a free, open, inclusive region which includes all nations in this geography as also others beyond who have a stake in it.
"India does not see Indo-Pacific region as a strategy or a club of limited numbers nor as a grouping that seeks to dominate," Prime Minister Modi said while adding that India has a positive vision for the region.
"We have more trade agreements in this part of the world than other," he said while highlighting the importance of the Indian Ocean in shaping India's history.
Prime Minister Modi is on a three-nation visit including Indonesia, Singapore, and Malaysia all of which are part of the ASEAN bloc. (ANI)