PM Modi's visit to UAE assumes significance: Navdeep Singh Puri

ANI | Updated: Feb 10, 2018 15:23 IST

New Delhi [India], Feb 10 (ANI): Indian Ambassador to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Navdeep Singh Puri on Saturday said that the upcoming visit to the UAE assumed significance, since this is the second time, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will visit the country.

Puri told ANI, "The visit by the Prime Minister assumes significance. Since he is second ever prime minister to visit the UAE after 2.5 years. So, this is an important visit."

According to him, India has the largest concentration of its nationals in the UAE, with a population of around 3.3 millions.

He continued, "India is the third largest trading partner for UAE. Last year, the trade value stood at 52 billion US dollars. It is also the second largest market for our exports. Last year, the value stood at 32 billion US dollars."

Puri added that the UAE had started investing in India, which was helping in strengthening the economic relations between the two countries.

"The UAE has started investing a lot in India. This is helping to improve and strengthen the relations between the two countries. Due to this, the remittances here stood at 13 billion US dollars last year. It has helped the families in India a lot," said Puri.

"Also, we take in pride that India are the biggest suppliers of energy and this helps in diversifying our relationship. We have a comprehensive strategic partnership which is taking on new dimensions," he added.

Puri added that the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan has allocated 55,000 sq ft area for the development of a temple.

"During Prime Minister Modi's visit to the UAE in August 2015, he had requested the crown prince of Abu Dhabi to allocate some land for a temple." We have got a big amount of land (55,000 sq ft area). We are working with the government. The construction has started. Work on levelling the ground and other basic facilities are on. Broad design has been approved. The temple will come at the place off the Abu Dhabi-Dubai highway," Puri elaborated.

Prime Minister Modi will then inaugurate temple stone via video conferencing from the Dubai Opera House, where he will also address the Indian community during a community event.

"It's a classic case of tradition meeting technology", he stated.

Puri said that the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan will host Prime Minister Modi in the Presidential Palace in Abu Dhabi, which would be the first time that a Crown Prince will be hosting a foreign dignitary.

Puri continued that the Prime Minister will meet various UAE leaders during his visit and will reach out to the business leaders as well. Also, both sides are expected to sign various agreeements on energy, workers' law, trade and infrastructure.

Prime Minister Modi will address the World Government Summit, where he would be speaking on- "Technology for Development".

"The Prime Minister will address the World Government Summit, which is a UAE based event. It will be attended by at least 141 delegations from around 20 head of states. So it's a huge event. The theme for the summit will be "Technology for Development", where Prime Minister Modi will discuss ways to utilise technology for development and will espouse on Jan Dhan, Aadhaar, Digital India and so on," he added.

Prime Minister Modi is currently in Ramallah, Palestine for a state visit. It is also the first-ever visit by an Indian Prime Minister.

On February 9, Prime Minister Modi arrived in Jordan, which is his transit to Palestine. The Prime Minister's Office expressed gratitude to King Abdullah II of Jordan for facilitating the transit.

After Palestine, the Prime Minister would visit UAE and Oman.

The Prime Minister will leave for the UAE tomorrow and then on the final leg, to Muscat on February 11, before returning to New Delhi the following day. (ANI)